Avignon Gourmet Tours

About Avignon


Located at the heart of Provence by the Rhone River, Avignon is the ideal destination for your holiday in Southern France.

Listed as UNESCO WORLD HERITAGE, Avignon will surprise you by its beauty and laid back atmosphere.

History enthusiasts can find out about the city´s old days as they walk through the medieval town center and discover the monuments that attest the glorious past.

But the city is not only about history, it´s also a major place on the art scene as it holds the world´s biggest theatre festival every year In July. During those weeks, the city streets get filled with magic as thousands of theatre companies come from all over the world to present their latest creations. The whole city becomes a drama stage.

Avignon, a foodie experience

Finding good tables when you are travelling is not always easy. Just like the rest of France, Avignon will meet your expectations if you know where to go.

It is home to some of the best restaurants in the region, which will make your stay a delightful one. Our central market provides all the local shops and restaurants with fresh products for the best possible results.

The city has a great deal of artisan bakers, master chocolate makers, wine sellers who work hard to keep the French and Provençal traditions alive and pass on their love for good food.

Join us to discover the secrets of Provence through its culinary heritage.