Avignon Gourmet Tours

Terms and Conditions

Article 1 – RATES

1.1 Rates are indicated in euros and inclusive of all taxes and VAT.

1.2 All orders, of whatever origin, are payable in euros.

1.3 Avignon Gourmet Tours reserves the right to modify its rates at any time without prior notice.


Article 2 – PAYMENT

2.1 Full payment can made by credit card before the day of the tour. Bank transfers are also accepted. If you prefer to arrange another payment option please contact us and we will study your request.

2.2 Once confirmed and paid, bookings can be refunded under conditions, please check our FAQs page. We do offer the possibility to change the date if availability allows. To do so please contact us via email at info@avignongourmetours.com

2.3 The amount will be immidiately taken from the purchaser’s credit card.



3.1 All bookings are made in real time and our system provides on time availability for tours. However, availability is not confirmed until you receive the payment request as we check all requests to avoid double/over bookings on our tours.

3.2 Tours will run on all day shown available, regardless of weather conditions. There is a minimum of 2 pax for the tour to run.



4.1 Avignon Gourmet Tours declines all responsability for any incident that may happen during the tour. All customers must have their own personal/travel insurance.