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Seasonal Chocolate

Winter is the perfect time of year for comfort food and chocolate is the ultimate treat!

One of our favourite places in Avignon got the wonderful idea of pairing chocolate with a local delicacy: Truffle.

Although it might sound unusual, Aline Géhant, located at 15 Rue des Trois Faucons in Avignon, has created a unique and delicate chocolate « bonbon » made of truffle ganache that will please everyone.

Truffles are those rare (and expensive!) mushrooms than can completely change the flavours of a dish and they are at their best in winter. Provence, our beautiful region, is the biggest producer of Truffles in France.

Traditionnaly added to scrambled eggs or shaved over pasta dishes, truffle also works quite well with chocolate.

Here at Avignon Gourmet Tours we’ve tried it and loved it! Not too overpowering, the truffle leaves a light flavour that goes perfectly with the dark chocolate and fresh cream. Every chocolate lover will be delighted !

Now hurry up and go shopping !

Not sure about giving it a go ? Aline also makes luxury chocolates with the more tradional nuts, fruits and spices.

Lovely Léa, who speaks good english, will be pleased to tell you everything there is to know about their chocolates and she’ll help you make up your mind!

« Very » Limited stock only. Box of 9 truffle chocolates sold at 12euros.

Aline Géhant

15 Rue des Trois Faucons

84000 Avignon