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Eau de Vie from Provence

Just across the Rhône River on the Barthelasse Island, a few kilometres from the city center, a gem is hidden in the middle of the orchards.

Distillerie Manguin opened in 1957 and has ever since been producing quality eaux de vie and liqueurs. From their own William pears and other local fruits, their create unique drinks.

Every saturday you can unveil the secret of this traditional « savoir faire » and know everything from the fruit selection to the final bottling process.

A free guided visit will take you through the different stages, with a complementary tasting at the end :

Start off in the orchards to discover the fruits trapped in the beautiful bottles, then follow by a well explained visit of the workshop before ending in the shop to sample the delicious drinks.

Avignon Gourmet Tour manguin

Avignon Gourmet Tour manguin3

In the pretty looking tasting area, you can find the shelves packed with unique flavoured drinks like peach wine, lavender liqueur or their signature williams pear eau de vie.

On the day I was there, they also had some « macarons » made with their best products in partnership with a master pastry chef in Villeneuve lez Avignon.

Every visitor is welcomed by the owner, who’s more than helpful and eager to share his passion.

A delicious visit not to be missed !

More info on www.manguin.com

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