Avignon Gourmet Tours


Hi All!

I am delighted to see that you are thinking of coming to Provence for your holidays! As a native of Avignon, I will try my best to make you fall in love with this wonderful city. But before we meet in person, let me tell you a bit about myself…

I developed a passion for travel and languages from a very young age, so it’s no surprise that after my tourism and language studies I left my beautiful Provence to get some work experience abroad. Apart from gaining professional experience in the travel industry, the years I spent in Spain and Ireland made my passion for people, food and cultural exchanges grow.

I believe that there are dozens of ways of discovering the wonders of a different culture: history, heritage or food. So this is why on my return to Avignon I decided to share some of the wonders of Southern France with visitors. In 2014, I created the first food walking tour of Avignon because I wanted people to “experience” Avignon in a new, unique way. After the first summer, there was no doubt: I wanted to be a tour guide.

Today, not only do I run my now popular food tour, but as a Licensed Tour Guide I wish to show you all the best features of Avignon, whether it’s on or off the beaten tracks. Because singing and dancing on Le Pont d’Avignon is as much a unique experience as having a glass of wine!

I look forward to meeting you in Avignon!

Aurelie Gilabert