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A Sunday at La Mirande

Over the past two years, many of my customers have told me about La Mirande. If you haven’t heard of it, it’s Avignon’s most magnificent hotel, an old private mansion ideally located behind the Popes Palace. Although most local people don’t often get the chance to ‘stay’ at la Mirande, several events are organised throughout the year so we can all enjoy this wonderful place. And luckily for us, today was one of those days. On this Sunday 13th March, La Mirande was organizing its first ‘International Food Market’, which was open to everybody.




The concept is simple: customers buy tickets at the reception and then choose from a selection of small plates and drinks (small plates start at 3€). It’s a fantastic (and affordable!) way to discover this unique place, as you can grab your plate and sit in one of the beautifully decorated rooms or head to the stunning garden and enjoy the warming sun.






Several countries were represented today, with different speciality dishes: Irish bacon & colcannon, Hungarian goulash, Spicy Thai sausages… All this accompanied by a good glass of Côtes du Rhône!

The Danish salmon and shrimp toasts on treacle bread and the white wine went down a treat (see picture!)







After this lovely lunch in the garden, as the sun was shining, we went for a walk around the old town, making it the perfect Sunday in Avignon!






*For those of you who would like to discover La Mirande, you can enjoy a special tea menu in their garden any day of week! * More info on http://www.la-mirande.fr/#/en/accueil/

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